Sunday, August 28, 2016

Heatwave Holland


Heatwaves in The Netherlands happens rarely and surprising. When I came back from HK, I was hoping to cool myself down a bit in the chill and windy Dutch weather but nope! I remembered it was 28ºC when I landed in Amsterdam and the whole week after was getting warmer and warmer to the point it was beyond 30ºC degrees!

Dutch weather is odd and there's not much you can do about it other than to keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water, cool your mind down with ice cream and of course to dress well. Another rare thing is me posting an outfit/ootd blogpost. I have not been doing that in ages so to do an outfit/ootd blogpost again is kind of refreshing! From time to time of course.


Hittegolf in Nederland, dat gebeurd zelden en komt vaak als een verrassing en die kregen we deze week. Na mijn vakantie in HK hoopte ik op een verkoelend Nederlands weer maar nee hoor! Het was 28ºC toen ik weer op Schiphol landde en het werd steeds warmer in de loop van de week.

Wat doe je er tegenaan? Vooral veel vocht drinken, zo nu en dan een ijsje eten om je hoofd koel te houden en jezelf goed kleden natuurlijk. Over kleden gesproken, wat ook zelden gebeurd zijn mijn outfit/ootd blogpost want die doe ik haast nooit meer. Dus dat ik vandaag weer zo,n outfit/ootd blogpost doe is daarom verfrissend! Hopelijk dat het weer ook weer eens wat frisser wordt.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

1. Crochet Crown: Ice Pandora // 2. One Piece: Perry Sport // 3. Shoulderbag: MINISO名創優品 // 4. Wide Leg Trousers: Global Work
One Piece
This is so not me. I`m wearing a one piece as top! And honestly I`m not regretting at all, especially when it`s 30ºC. Big part of the Summer is almost over already and this is the time where I usually check out the sales on swimwear! Here are my favorite shops:

Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Dutchy Lunch in HK, ja!


My friend Desi said that she wanted to try out Dutch food.In Hong Kong.Yikes! Where o where shall I begin this mission at. With Google of course and thanks to that, Google led us to a dining place called The Orange Tree. It happens to be the only restaurant in HK that specializes in Dutch food, or at least that's what Google search showed me.

Me being a born and raised Dutch person, going to a Dutch restaurant outside Holland isn't really on my top priority list but since my friend D. wanted to try it out, heck why not. On the other hand I was kind of curious of how Dutch the food at The Orange Tree is. Scroll down and check out our lunch date below!


Mijn vriendin Desi zei dat ze Nederlands eten wilde proberen. In Hong Kong. Ai. Waar o waar moet ik beginnen met deze missie? Uiteraard met een Google zoekactie en die leidde me naar een restaurant genaamd The Orange Tree - oftewel De Oranjeboom. Wat leuk! Blijkbaar is het ook de enige restaurant in HK dat specialiseert in Hollands eten.

Ik ben een geboren en getogen in NL en wanneer ik op vakantie ga buiten NL, wil ik nou niet echt perse Hollandse voer eten, maar sinds D. het wilde uitproberen, was het vooruit met de geit. Daarnaast begon De Oranjeboom me nieuwsgierig te maken, zal het eten hetzelfde zijn als in NL? Scroll naar beneden en bekijk het zelf!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
We ordered:
1 `frikandel` and `kroket` in a bun
1 fish of the day (sole filet)
1 `poffertjes`
a cup of coffee and lemon ice tea
We attacked the appetizers buffet firstly and has various salads, greens, `bitterballen` and sliced baguettes and sauces.
This is what we got:
As you can see lots of veggies! Very healthy then. D. tried the `bitterbal` (deep fried minced meat) for the first time and she liked it.
Our main
`Frikandel` and `kroket` in buns

Me being Dutch myself I can tell that the lunch menu from The Orange Tree isn`t 100% Dutch. For example it has Italian food init which is absolutely fine but I was expecting a bit more Dutch. The `frikandel` and the `kroket` in a bun is one of the most Dutch food on the menu and that`s what D. got. She liked it! It reminded her of eating German sausages. The `frikandel is actually made of leftovers meat and turned into a sausage shape. The `kroket` is a deep fried minced meat/ragout that is also shaped into a sausage.
Sole filet with potatoes, tomatoes, mushroom and a remoulade sauce

Another typical Dutch food that you can find on most Dutch menu is the sole fish and I happen to like eating that too! This sole filet dish by The Orange Tree isn`t my usual Dutch sole fish dish and taste wise, it did not brought me back to The Netherlands unfortunate but it still tasted nice overall.
I did not like the sauce however.
Me and D. were pretty full at the end but we wanted to end our lunch with a Dutch dessert as well and so we shared: `poffertjes`! Poffertjes are mini fluffy pancakes in coin size and very typical Dutch. As you can see it was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream which melted lovely on the warm poffertjes surface, yum!
Try out TOT other typical Dutch food:
- Black mussels from the province Zeeland with fries
- `Matjes` herring with Amsterdam onions
- North Sea baby shrimps with cocktail sauce
- Bitterballen (deep fried minced meat/ragout balls)
- `Hutspot` (carrot/potato/onion mash)
- Dutch style apple pie with vanilla ice cream
Where can I find this cute glass espresso cup and saucer?
Address: 5/F, Grand Progress Building15-16 Lan Kwai Fong, Central - HONG KONG

FOOD: ♥♥♥ 3/5
SERVICE: ♥♥♥ 3/5
INTERIOR: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5
PRICE: ♥♥♥ 3/5

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Welcome to my Chi apartment!


Hi, long time no see! Sorry for not blogging so long. If you have missed the info, I am back in Holland again and still recovering from my jetlag. Again sorry for not blogging but the upcoming post will be mostly all about my HK trip. Starting with today which is all about my accommodation, an apartment tour!

Me and my dad and brothers stayed at CHI Residences which is a serviced apartment. Normally we stay over at relatives but this time we wanted to have our own place in HK. And I like having my own place. I slept, ate and showered in CHI #393 because this was the cheapest apartment. Go read all about it down below and perhaps bookmark it in your future HK trip?


Hoi, lang niet gezien! Sorry voor een lang tijd niet-bloggen. Ik ben alweer terug in NL en heb een heerlijke vakantie in HK gehad. De jetlag is er helaas nog steeds maar dat geeft niet. De komende blogposts gaat waarschijnlijk over HK voornamelijk en de blogpost van vandaag begint er alvast mee. Het gaat over mijn accommodation, mijn appartement!

Een tour blogpost dus en dit keer verbleven ik, papa en broerliefs in CHI Residences. Normaal gesproken verblijven we bij familieleden maar dit keer wilden we een eigen plekje hebben en dat beviel me best aardig. Ik sliep, at en waste me af in CHI #393 want deze is het goedkoopste appartement, kom gauw scrollen en lees er alles over hieronder!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

The hallway
I live on the 10th floor and it was a funny first time experience as well! Because once you stepped out of the elevator you already enter your hallway. No one else lives on the 10th floor besides me and this makes floor 10 my very own private floor. This also means no one can enter my floor nor I can enter the other private floors of the building.
The livingroom
This towel is an improvised yoga mat but did not work well unfortunate.
This couch and window area is absolute my favorite spot in my apartment. It`s also the spot where I eat my food too, so it`s a dining spot as well I guess.
The kitchen
Not an oven sadly, just a microwave. With grill function.
The bathroom
A tiny but clean bathroom with lots of light. The pictures at the website does not match with the reality because in these pictures the shower has switched places with the toilet and sink. But in my opinion I like the reality better - check out the floorplan at this link below:
» Link
The study and sleep area
Would I stay here again?
Yes! This CHI apartment #393 is a wonderful home for 1 person (max. 2 person) and I had a comfortable 4 week stay. The location is also convenient with lots of shops and eateries around and the MTR and other public transport is very nearby too. Ovenfresh pineapplebuns every morning thanks to the bakery straight downstairs. Or fishballs and herbal soups and there`s a Mannings drugstore and a Wellcome supermarket down the road for your body care and groceries.

Though the location is very convenient, the area is also known for being boisterous and noisy with `shady` businesses around. My HK family was really worried in the beginning but hey, I survived didn`t I!

Furthermore to the kitchen facility inside the apartment which was not bad. You can borrow a rice cooker or toaster if you want to! However I really wish there was a pair of scissor included. And a coat rack 
Address: 393, Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon - HONG KONG